What is Single and Jodi in matka?

Gambling has been a popular source of income for several today. Apart from various kinds of gambling, online matka has won millions of hearts and secured a permanent space in punter’s lives.


Matka was thought to be simple during its inception, selecting choicest integers from 0-9 and place a bet with some amount. The ultimate result will decide their luck. This was matka during the 1960s. We’re breathing in the 21st century, and today, matka on online platforms have evolved a lot with the added features, new gaming rules, game theories, and strategies.


Undoubtedly, matka was famous in those early days with a low betting rate of Rs. 1/- only. It has taught people to aspire, be confident, believe in luck, and conceal hidden talent in one. When the matka launched on the online platform nearly two decades back, the regular punters were worried and sad, assuming gambling on online platforms is not their cup of tea. But unexpected to their belief, online media has brought much more than traditional ways of satta.

Unlike the initial stages of matka gambling, presently, the satta industry is known for three top satta markets, Regular, Starline, and King Bazar. A list of matka games entertains the punters daily. Millions of participants test their luck and get pocketed with colossal. All the listed games are matka variations only and played with a bit of difference. The intellectual minds running the satta business emerged with new matka games garnished with added features and options like guessing forum, results charts, live video results, game variations, and many more. These combined proves as extensive help for polishing your fortunes.


Placing a bet in any matka game is similar and requires jumbling with integers between 0-9. Unlike in the old style of placing a bet, today, intelligent punters evolved to calculate the exact numbers. Game variation plays an important role. It only entertains the punters with more betting options, but it allows betting multiple times with the same number. Let’s understand how?


What are game variations?

Game variations are added features in online matka gambling. There exists mainly five game variations, i.e. Close, Open, Jodi, Sangam, and Half Sangam.


Close and Open term refers to Single Akda betting. Any player interested in Jodi betting requires selecting two digits. It’s important to note here that a Jodi is formed with the combination of Open and Close akda. Thus, when a wager for Jodi, two more wagering options in an Open and a Close is available. Such opportunities were not possible in the traditional gambling method.


If you’re new to these terms, understand its methods of picking Open, Close, and Jodi numbers. A player requires selecting three digits between 0-9. Suppose you choose 7, nine, and 9. Add it and get the sum (6+9+9), i.e. 24. The exact digit for Open is 4. Yes, the last number of any sum plays a role in gambling. Similarly, select a digit for Close. Suppose you got 6.


Thus, Open – 4 and Close – 6, together with form a Jodi of 46. Therefore, a single Jodi avails two more betting options.


Patti is played with three cards. Patti has sub-categories, Single Patti, Double Patti, and Triple Patti.



It more than two decades, online satta platforms are consistently entertaining the punters. People worried during the launch of online matka, fearing they left with no more matka booking options. But, it turned the other way round. Today, online satta is entertaining a large population enormously across the globe. The added features, including game variations, have proved to hold players longer on the sites. Additionally, secured matka apps integrated with authentic payment gateways enhance player’s interest to gamble more.

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