Starline market is the most popular live satta market that got highly famous during the Covid season. Unlike the other two top live bazars, Regular and King, Starline has limited three submarkets. Milan Starline and Kalyan Starline are day markets and Dubai entertains the night gamblers.

Starline market invites people all days of a week, Monday to Sunday, and offers them to gamble 12 times a day and night. This uniqueness of the Starline market fascinated millions of players during the covid season. On top of that its game features assisted players to fetch more wins and make more money.

The results of all the Starline markets are live. Apart from the live results, if you ever miss watching results live, the market facilitates their valuable users and participants with the Starline chart list. Here you’ll find the recorded live results of all the days for a specified period. The section displays previous game results in a tabular form in a day-wise form easily understood and also analyzed by players to understand the number of occurrence methods in each game.

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