Things you Should Know about 220 Patti Satta Game

Things you Should Know about 220 Patti Satta Game

In times, when people feel the need of adding extra in their lives, satta matka has always come to their rescue.  With satta matka beginning to become the most preferred lottery game in the modern times. People are unaware of the 220 patti the modern satta matka is offering to them. Started as a satta result of people satta guessing the rates of cotton being transmitted from the Bombay cotton exchange this game in the 1960s.

During that time, satta was played on the streets with minimal features for the players. People used to bet on a single random number between 0-9 and then chits were drawn from an earthen pot and the result would be declared. Later on, with advancements and more people associating with the game. Tthis practice was modified, and instead of a single number, three numbers were picked from a pack of cards.

With change on time, the game was modified at every stage, and with technology evolving so quickly. Satta matka finally started to make pace with it. In today’s world, where technology and digitalization are taking a toll on everyone’s life, sattamatka has managed to slide into the web world. It has also made it’s presence very prominent.

Many new markets have been added to the satta matka game, where in people now get a choice on betting. Each of these markets, come with all the five variations of the game. These five variations are all different parts of the same eight digit result each having a different rate according to which people bet.

There are basically five variations in the satta matka game, these are:

  1. Single: These are the numbers between 0-9. There are overall 10 singles in the game. The singles have a different rate, as of now the rate of single is 1:9, which means for every Rs.1 you spend on a single, you can win upto Rs. 9.
  2. Jodi: Jodis are basically the numbers which appears in two, or in pair. Jodis range from 00-99. There are overall 100 jodis in total and their rate is 1:90. Since jodis are in pair, their rates are slightly higher than single.
  3. Panna / Patti: Panna are also known as Patti or panel in some regions, but they mean the same. Panna or Patti are basically three digit numbers that range between 000-999. Interesting fact about Panna is that, not all the triple digit numbers are known as Panna/pattis. If we count all the triple digit numbers between 000-999, we get an overall sum of 1000., but only 220 out of one thousand are called pattis/panna.
  4. Half Sangam: This is a combination of Single and Pannas. In total there are 4400 half sangams.
  5. Sangam: Sangam is a combination of open panna and close panna. There are overall 48400 sangams in total.

What is 220 patti?

As discussed earlier, that only 220 out of the one thousand three digit numbers are called pattis. Hence the 220 pattis are nothing but the only 220 numbers that are eligible to be called as pannas. A lot of people get confused so as to decide which of the three digit numbers would qualify on becoming 220 pattis, the answer is very simple. One should keep in mind that pattis, are always in the increasing order format.

Like, 234 is a 220 patti, but 432,876,654 these do not qualify on becoming 220 pattis. There are only 220 unique numbers, which when arranged in an increasing order or ascending order format qualify to become a panna. Interestingly, when you arrange 123, 321,231 in an ascending order format, you’ll get 123 as a single answer. Hence, we can say there are only unique 220 pattis that can be called as pannas.

Satta matka is a very simple game, if you understand the basics of it very properly. There is no other game like Kalyan matka, Main Ratan Bombay, Balaji Night Satta, that can give you hefty amount of money in a very short time! Matka isn’t just rewarding but fun! So, play with 220 patti, and win hefty sums, because there is no other game like satta matka!